Showcasing Haden Studios

Showcasing Haden Studios

Showcasing Haden StudiosShowcasing Haden StudiosShowcasing Haden Studios

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About Me



Joe Haden is a Texas based artist who loves to use the world as his art store to collect objects, trash, and scrap materials. By recycling and repurposing, Haden is able to invoke renewed interest by changing the perception of an objects usefulness, lifespan, and or status. Likewise Haden incorporates Dadaism into some of his work which is the practice of taking useful everyday items and completely altering its original purpose for greater beauty something Haden calls “Making Pretty”.  His freehand cut designs imitate a soft filigree lace feel that play with light and shadow, as well as positive and negative space is a specialty found in his metal work. One of the things Haden loves about art is the transformation of an idea into a physical form.

My Medium


Haden‘s favorite mediums are metal, wood, and stone. The ideas start flowing with the endless possibilities he sees in the various shapes, textures and sizes. This is  when the fun of transformation begins. 

The Struggle


Haden’s interest in design and fabrication has been strong since childhood with an ongoing struggle between a structured engineer and a free form artist. As a child, he constantly drew everyday still life drawings as well as designing detailed blueprints to imaginary homes.  From then to present day, Haden continues to find creative ways to build whatever his imagination can dreamed up. Haden obtained degrees in both Engineering and Art which lead to a short career in aerospace engineering before becoming a custom home designer/builder for many decades.


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